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The Drive-Tek Online Shop is operated by Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd, Milton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QU England. Tel: +44 (0)161 628 8497 Fax: +44 (0)161 628 4366 email: Registered Number: 1668992. Registered VAT Number: 380459635

These General Terms and Conditions shall govern the relationships between Drive-Tek Online Shop and “the Customer”.

“The Customer” shall refer to any private or commercial company who confirms an Internet purchase at the Drive-Tek Online Shop.

General Terms and Conditions of Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd

Our General Terms and Conditions can be viewed here and on our website at Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The applicable General Terms and Conditions are those indicated on the date of the order.

Customers placing orders via the Drive-Tek Online Shop in English shall be deemed to have purchased the item in the United Kingdom and are therefore subject to UK law.

Any Customer using the Drive-Tek Online Shop declares that he is legally of age (18+). The Customer shall confirm that he has read and accepted our General Terms and Conditions by clicking on the box provided for this purpose. Only persons legally permitted to enter into contracts concerning the products and services offered at the Drive-Tek Online Shop may place orders via this website.

Shop products

The Drive-Tek Online Shop displays a photo and technical description for each article. All products respect the current European legislation and applicable standards in Europe. Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd shall not be held responsible in the event of the description and photograph provided by the manufacturer or others containing errors.

All products must be installed to the manufactures recommendations and by a trained and qualified person as incorrectly installed products could lead to a serious risk to health of the installer or others.

Prices and VAT UK

The product prices are indicated excluding VAT and VAT will be added to each invoice at the UK rate of 20% to each transaction. Carriage charges are extra to prices shown and carriage charges are also subject to VAT

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Sales outside UK but within the European Union

Sales to private customers:

Sales are subject to VAT at the current UK rate of 20%

Commercial sales:

Sales are VAT-free; as the purchaser is subject to VAT in his own country providing that the VAT number applicable in the member state is provided at the point of sale.

Failure to provide the VAT identification number will result in the UK rate of 20% being applied.


No customs duties apply within the European Union.

Customs duties may apply to goods sold from the European Union to the country of the Customer. In this case, the latter shall be responsible for the payment of these customs duties and any associated administrative formalities. The responsibility of the seller shall cease to exist after the product has been dispatched to the address indicated by the Customer.

Shipping costs

Order preparation and transport costs are calculated according to the dimensions and weight (Volumetric) of the package and destination country and include insurance costs.

Customer area

The Customer must ensure that the information provided in the customer area is accurate.


For all written or verbal communication between the Customer and Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd (order processing, product information, special requests), English shall be the only languages accepted.

Placing orders

Whether the Customer is a private (“BtoC” sales) or a professional person (“BtoB” sales), he can place orders directly at the Drive-Tek Online Shop, which can be accessed via the website

When the Customer places an order via the website, he personally provides his address in an appropriate form. The Customer is invited to check this form before confirming his order. The Drive-Tek Online Shop is not responsible for any errors contained in electronic mails or if packages are wrongly delivered due to incorrectly completed forms.

Before placing an order, users have to provide payment card details and Transdrive Engineering Services reserves the right, without having to provide justification, to refuse such applications.


After payments are made by payment card, an email is sent to the customer in order to confirm his order, provided the payments have been authorised by the bank payment center and the electronic address indicated on the order form does not contain any errors.


The Customer must speak to a sales advisor at Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd to see if it is possible to cancel, if the item is a standard stock product then usually a full refund will possible provided it has not been shipped. He may be refunded the total order by bank transfer or card refund dependent on the item ordered if it is of special manufacture it may not be possible to cancel or if specially purchased it could be subject to a handling charge please see our general terms and conditions. Shipping and order preparation costs will be deducted in all cases if delivered.

Product availability

Products will be supplied subject to availability all lead times and delivery dates are quoted in good faith but could be subject to change by conditions outside Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd control. Users will be informed of any changes to delivery dates. Transdrive cannot be held responsible for any late delivery of items purchased please see General Terms and Conditions


Payment methods

Payment can be made by using the SagePay online payment system using payment cards as listed. Commercial Companies based in the UK are invited to open credit accounts on receipt of the necessary details and references, please contact Transdrive Engineering Services to arrange.


These General Terms and Conditions are subject to UK law. The Customer shall contact Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd in order to identify an amicable solution.

UK Data Protection Law

In compliance with the UK Data Protection Law, the Customer has, at all times, the right to access, rectify or oppose all his personal data, by writing to Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd and proving his identity at the following address: Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd, Milton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QU, England


Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd undertakes to refrain from disclosing or selling to third parties any information provided by Customers via the website.

Intellectual property

Any full or partial reproduction of items provided by the website is prohibited. All items on the website shop are copyright property of Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd. Any Images Reproduced without permission of Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd in writing will be subject to a license fee of £500.00GBP per image.

Customer service

A customer service is at your disposal in English

By mail: Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd, Milton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QU, England.


Tel: +44 (0)161 628 8497

Fax: +44 (0)161 628 4366

Retention of title

The Drive-Tek Online Shop remains the owner of goods supplied until they have been paid for in full by the Customer.

Delivery period

The delivery period is equivalent to the order preparation period (usually same day) plus any lead time if the goods are non-stock this is indicated on the website plus the time required for the delivery method selected by the Customer.

The Drive-Tek Online Shop shall inform the Customer that the delivery periods indicated are determined by the relevant carrier. The Customer is only informed of these delivery periods for information purposes. Any failure on the part of carrier to comply with these deadlines shall not therefore under any circumstances entail the responsibility of the Drive-Tek Online Shop. These periods shall not include Weekends or public holidays.


Packaging: the products to be shipped are packaged in compliance with the relevant standards. The procedures and techniques used are continuously being developed in order to optimise all packaging.


After the Customer has placed his order via the website, he is sent an email confirming that his package has been shipped, provided the electronic address that he has indicated on the order form does not contain any errors.

Express delivery and Heavy Items

Depending on the destination and nature of the goods, Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd may be able to offer alternative delivery methods please call for details.

In the case of bulky or heavy goods, Drive-Tek Online may request a specific quotation for road, sea or air transport, excluding duties, which will be sent to the customer by email for approval. The Customer may be able to arrange collection by his own carrier contact Transdrive Engineering Services to arrange


Delivery delays

If the delay is excessive, the Customer may contact the Drive-Tek Online Shop in order to locate his package(s).

Receipt of packages

Packages are delivered in return for the signature of the consignee

All products delivered shall be subject to checks before shipping. Without exception, the product will be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and will not be subject to any subsequent claims.

Any unclaimed package that is returned to the Drive-Tek Online Shop may be reshipped at the cost of the consignee.

Any claims concerning delayed deliveries, deliveries that fail to comply with orders or complaints regarding apparent defect in products received by the Customer must be submitted solely by e-mail ( within a period of 48 hours of the date of delivery.

After this period, the delivery shall deemed to be complete and irrevocable. Complaints must be submitted in English.

What you must do on receipt of delivery

1. Compliant delivery:

1 – The recipient of the goods is expected to check the delivery on receipt

2 – Count the packages

3 – Check their good external condition,

4 – Check that the delivery is consistent with the delivery document,

5 – Add the business stamp, date of delivery, sign and print his full name on the waybill.

2. Non-compliant delivery

The statement "subject to unpacking" will not be accepted as a guarantee that damages will be recovered and exceptions must be precisely indicated.

2a Incomplete or damaged shipments

1 – Detailed description of the exception on the carrier’s receipt, before the latter is decollated and/or on the delivery note,

2 – The package may be refused if it appears to be open or shows clear signs of deterioration.

In both cases, the Customer is expected to confirm the exceptions to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 3 working days of the package being delivered.

A copy of this letter must be sent immediately to the Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd by post, e-mail or fax.

2b Full refusal of delivery

In all other cases, it is essential that a prior request is sent to the Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd within three days of the goods being received. After this period, all rights to compensation will lapse ipso jure.

Any claims concerning faults covered by the guarantee must be sent by mail with acknowledgement of receipt (Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd, Milton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QU, England) within the legal guarantee period with effect from the date of delivery.

The supplier must endeavor to replace or repair any products, which are defective, incomplete or are not consistent with the order within 14 working days of the complaint being received. The replacement of products, which are defective, incomplete or non-compliant, requires the acceptance by the supplier of the relevant products and delivery by the Supplier of non-defective products, which comply with the order. Under no circumstances must the replacement of a product result in any additional costs for the Customer.

Delivery errors

When the package is received by the Customer, the latter must make contact by telephone or email to Drive-Tek Online Shop at (in English) any complaints concerning the non-compliance of products in terms of their nature, quality or quantity with the information provided on the invoice. Any complaint of non-compliance that is not submitted according to the above-described rules and within the stated deadlines will not be taken into account and this will release the Drive-Tek Online Shop from any responsibility in relation to the Customer.


In the event of strikes affecting carrier services or events of an exceptional nature delaying or preventing the delivery of packages, the Drive-Tek Online Shop will do everything possible to inform the Customer of the status of his package delivery.


Contractual guarantees

Manufacturer’s guarantee

Some articles sold by the Drive-Tek Online Shop are guaranteed contractually by their respective manufacturer. The guarantee contract is concluded between the Customer and the manufacturer by the act of purchase, which shall be proven by the purchase order.


The Drive-Tek Online Shop is exempt from its delivery obligations in the event of force majeure.

The Drive-Tek Online Shop declines any responsibility for the misuse of products ordered by the Customer. is the Online Trading Division of Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd.

By mail: Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd, Milton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QU, England.


Tel: +44 (0)161 628 8497

Fax: +44 (0)161 628 4366