Drive Tek Force Vent and Vector Motors from Transdrive


Drive-Tek Encoder 2048ppr (Pulse per revolution)

£237.60 + vat

Drive-Tek Incremental Encoder Features

  • PPR (Pulses per Revolution) 2048 ppr
  • Bore Type: 14mm Through Bore
  • Protection: IP65
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +100°C
  • Maximum Speed: 7500rpm continuous
  • Torque: 0.0008Nm
  • Shaft Loading: Flexible Mounted (supplied)
  • Cable: 5 metres Screened, oil and salt water
  • Impulse Frequency: 800KHz (Max)
  • Current Consumption: 40mA without load
  • Model Drive-Tek 60HA
  • Hollow Shaft 14mm Diameter Bore
  • Standard pulses are 1024PPR or 2048PPR (other pulses available on request)
  • Supply Voltage 5-32VDC

The Drive-Tek 60HA encoder is designed to fit directly on to the motor shaft or any shaft where position, direction, or velocity information is needed. The advanced electronics provides superior performance and high noise immunity. The Drive-Tek encoder features a simple clamp mount for easy mounting on a 14mm diameter shaft, other hollow bore sizes available on request, whilst a universal anti-rotation flex mount maintains housing stability. Alternatively, if body rotation is required, there is the option of rotatable mounting on a fixed radius instead.

Drivetek Encoder Product
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Two anti-rotation devices available

  • Slotted Universal Radius Mounting Option
  • Fixed Radius Mounting Option
Encoder Mounting Option