Drive Tek Force Vent and Vector Motors from Transdrive


Drive Tek Force Vent Motor 0.55kW 2 Pole 3000rpm B3 Foot Mtd

£311.26 + vat

The Drive-Tek range of Inverter rated force vent AC Motors comprises of two components the AC motor and the Force Fan Unit to make an Inverter rated variable speed AC Motor suitable for speed range of up to 20:1 (50Hz- 2.5Hz) dependant on the AC Drive Performance, if lower speeds are required or accurate speed holding please consider using a Vector Motor which is this unit plus an encoder for speed range of up to 100:1 please see our range of Vector AC Motors

The Inverter Rated Force Vent Motor comprises of 2 individual units.

  • AC Motor
  • Force Vent Unit

For Specifications see individual units below

The Inverter Rated Force Vent AC Motor comprises of :-

This new range of Drive-Tek, IE2 high efficiency AC Motors has been specially developed to meet the new European Efficiency Directive that came into law in the UK in June 2011. It is produced using high quality components to make an AC Motor that has one of the best specifications available today with a value for money price.

AC Motor Part Number I2-0.55-2B3

  • Power 0.55kW AC Motor
  • Frame D71
  • Rated Speed 3000rpm
  • B3 Foot Mounted

The result is a high quality multi-mount range of AC motors with certified lE2 efficiency and has standard features that are options on some of the main competitor products:

Force Vent Motor Product
Image representative of Range

Specifications of the Drive-Tek Inverter Rated Variable Speed Motor 0.55kW include:-

  • 0.55kW AC Motor IE2 Certified Efficiency
  • Aluminium Construction with Steel Sleeves in Bearing Mounts
  • PTC Thermistors as Standard
  • Oil Seals fitted to Drive and Non Drive Ends
  • Multimount Detachable Feet (Foot Mounted models only)
  • Voltage 380 – 415 Volts
  • 3 Phase 50 Hz Supply
  • Enclosure IP55 – IC411
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
  • Class F Insulation
  • Class B Temp Rise
  • Two Earth Stud on Frame
  • Locked Bearings
  • Movable lifting lugs on larger sizes
  • High Quality Paint System used
  • Bearings from SKF, FAG, NSK and NTN
  • Large Terminal Box for Easy Connection

Force Vent Unit Product Details:

Drive-Tek Force Vent Units are manufactured to the highest standard using high quality components with high volume flow using flow-optimised design and rust resistant materials

With inside Diameter of 134mm Frame Size D71

*** When fitting to none Drive-Tek or Teco Inverter Rated Motor then consideration to the internal depth must be taken into account. To stop the rear end of the motor fouling with the internal fan. Please see dimention AF1 The force vent is supplied with optional extension tube to increase depth by 60mm Approx to allow for Encoder provision see AF2

Part Number: IEC71 / I/Dia134mm

Drive-Tek Force Vent Unit Features:

  • Fit Drive-Tek or Teco LVED Inverter rated AC Motors or motors with 134mm diameter fixing holes
  • Frame Size D71
  • Optional extension tube supplied ***
  • Can be used with 230V 1PH AC or 400V 3PH AC
  • Optional extension tube to fit over Encoder if required
  • Inside Diameter of 134mm
  • High volume flow through flow-optimised design
  • Modular system for various applications
  • Sufficient clearance to allow fitting of an Encoder if required
  • EMC-compliant
  • Very good vibration resistance due to robust sheet-metal/die cast housing
  • Galvanized sheet metal, seawater-resistant die cast alloy
  • cURus certified
  • Consistent IP66 protection for all versions
  • Finished RAL7032 Gloss to match TECO LVED and Drive-Tek motors

Drive-Tek Force Vent Units are supplied as standard with a capacitor so they can be wired as 230V 1PH AC or 400V 3PH AC which is very useful if being stocked as a spare part as one unit covers both 1/3PH motor supply

Drive Tek Force Vent Unit
Image representative of Range

Drive-Tek Force Ventilation Units are designed to fit the the Drive-Tek range of AC motors in frame sizes from D63 to D160 (0.18kW to 18.5kW) (max 15kw 4pole) they can be supplied fitted to the motor of your choice or retro fitted by yourself. The Force Vent Unit has the option of an extension tube to extend the length if an encoder is fitted. Please be aware that different manufactures have different dimensions for the fitting of fan cowls and these are designed to fit the Drive-Tek range of motors we can supply Force Vent units to fit other brands on request.

Standard AC motors are designed for fixed speed operation and when used in conjunction with an AC Drive (inverter) they are subject to conditions which invariably reduce motor performance and life. Typically standard AC motors can operate over a 4: 1 speed range (50 to 12.5Hz) beyond this it is necessary to allow for lack of cooling due to the motor fan running slower and excess heat being created within the motor with the result of burning out the motor.

The easiest way to overcome this problem is to fit a Drive-Tek Forced Vent unit which is an independently powered fan unit that replaces the standard motor fan. The Drive-Tek Force Vent Unit overblows a constant stream of air over the motor and ensures optimal cooling regardless of operating speed.

Typically using a Drive-Tek Force Ventilation Unit with a standard AC Motor and a mid-range AC Drive (Inverter) then a 20:1 (50 to 2.5Hz) speed range should be possible without heat damaging the motor and with a high performance AC Drive (Inverter) and closed loop feedback (Encoder) then 100:1 speed range would be possible. Often referred to as a Inverter rated AC Motor or Variable Speed AC Motor(Always check the AC Inverter Drive performance figures)